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Pathways: a new approach to General Education at Virginia Tech

Undergraduate students at Virginia Tech deserve a vibrant, flexible, and meaningful general education program, one that helps them to integrate their learning for use throughout their lifetimes. Over the years, faculty members have studied general education, and students have voiced their concerns. As the culmination of so much input, a new plan has emerged--Pathways: General Education at Virginia Tech.

Approved by University Council in April 2015, Pathways Curriculum Plan includes core and integrative learning outcomes to meet the learning needs of all students while also meeting requirements for university accreditation. The plan involves the development of a coherent program comprised of courses reflecting best practices in pedagogy and demonstrating evidence of efficacy.

Pathways Implementation document was approved by the University Council in April 2016 and the program will be adopted in Fall 2018. The Pathways curriculum has the potential to become a signature program at Virginia Tech, enhancing the student experience and making this institution a leader among peers in providing a coherent and meaningful general education for undergraduates.

Assuring a Vibrant General Education

Participation in Pathways presents an exciting opportunity for faculty to engage in a university-wide initiative, designed to ". . . guide students to examine the world from multiple perspectives and integrate their knowledge across disciplines and domains of learning through a hands-on, minds-on approach" (Pathways Plan).  

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    Implementation of Pathways General Education Curriculum
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Contact the Office of General Education:

Dr. Stephen Biscotte
Coordinator for General Education
Office of Undergraduate Education
104 Burruss Hall (0717)
Phone: (540) 231-4451 


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