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Pathways Proposal Forms

Proposal reviews will be conducted by a committee starting around October. In the meantime, all courses must be approved at the college level and submitted for 15-day review. Consult the Proposal Review Process in the section below.

    Proposal Forms - Pathways Courses

Whether you are proposing a brand new course, an existing CLE course, or an existing non-CLE course for Pathways, you will use this Course Proposal Form.

  • New and Revised Course Proposal Form V1.6 If you have already begun filling out a prior version, you are welcome to copy-and-paste all of your responses into this latest version OR continue on your current version and just insert (copy-and-paste) any new parts. All Version 1s will be accepted. Version 1.3 was updated on 7-7-16 to make the CLE justification portion (the very end) clearer and less cumbersome. No more justification of CLE goals needed. Version 1.4, updated 8/3/16, adds some clarifying instructions about 'advanced' courses based on FAQ thus far. Version 1.5, updated on 9/6/16, adds a box to check if the Pathways course is 'advanced' (for Discourse and Quant/Comp only), adds revision percentages for revising a course new to Pathways, and adds further explanation under the Inclusivity principle. V1.6 updated on 10/3/16 adds clarifying language and formatting to coversheet, clarification about what is meant by 'syllabus' in Part I, and some guiding questions for meeting the mission and principles of Pathways in Part II.
  • Pathways Course Proposal Review Sheet: Ad Hoc The Ad Hoc Review Committee will review each Pathways Course Proposal using a common review sheet. Here is a DRAFT of the Pathways Course Proposal Review Sheet to help guide the proposal completion process. This form last updated on 10/3/16.
  • SAMPLE Pathways Course Proposal COMM 1014. The following SAMPLE proposal can serve as a model for Pathways course proposal completion. Notice in the margins that the review committee has added tips and advice to support a successful submission. This document was added 6-20-2017.
    Proposal Forms - Pathways Minors

Whether you are proposing a brand new minor or an existing minor for Pathways, you will use this Pathways Minor Proposal Form. There is also a checklist to help guide you through the components of a completed application.

  • New and Revised Minor Proposal Form V1.1 - This Version 1.1 form was updated on 5-17-16 to fix a typo and formatting issue with filling out the table. If you have already begun filling out Version 1, you are welcome to continue or copy-and-paste into this version. Both will be accepted.
  • Pathways Minor Checklist V1.1 - This checklist was created to help guide Pathways Minor developers in meeting the requirements of a Pathways Minor as well as completing the 'packet' needed to submit the minor to governance. This version was updated on 11-21-16 to include further clarification and guidance on compiling the Pathways Minor submission packet.
  • Pathways MINOR Review Sheet: AdHoc - The Ad Hoc Review Committee will review each Pathways MINOR Proposal using a common review sheet. Here is a DRAFT of the Pathways MINOR Proposal Review Sheet to help guide the proposal completion process. This form last updated on 11/14/16.
    Proposal Forms - Alternative Pathway

If you are faculty member proposing an Alternative Pathways (e.g. leading a study abroad trip, overseeing an undergraduate research for non-majors program, etc.) you will use the Faculty-Initiated Alternative Pathway Proposal Form. 


If you are a student seeking credit for an upcoming Alternative Pathway, then use the Student-Initiated Alternative Pathway Proposal Form. 


  • Alternative Pathways Proposal Review Sheet - The Office of General Education and the UCCGE will use this common review sheet to review each Alternative Pathway. Here is a DRAFT of that review sheet to help guide the proposal completion process. This form was added 11-21-16.

Proposal Review Process

During the transition period, courses and minors will follow a streamlined governance process. Once a course or minor has been approved at the department and college levels and has completed 15-day review, an ad hoc review committee, convened by CUSP, will evaluate the course and minor proposals for both university and Pathways requirements. This level of review will begin in October 2016. The courses will then be submitted to CUSP for final approval. Following approval, the Registrar’s Office will enter the course or minor into Banner and the Office of General Education will update the listing on the Pathways website.

    Approval Process Flowpath
Note: Following submission to the Office of General Education, Alternative Pathway Proposals will be reviewed by UCCGE on a case-by-case basis.
    Pathways Proposal Writing Workshop

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Contact the Office of General Education:

Dr. Stephen Biscotte
Coordinator for General Education
Office of Undergraduate Education
104 Burruss Hall (0717)
Phone: (540) 231-4451 


Please click on the box to provide us with feedback related to all things Pathways (including course/minor development, course proposals, rubrics, data collection, outcomes/indicators, etc.).