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Pathways Assessment

Virginia Tech's assessment of the general education program will be course-embedded, faculty-led, and improvement-focused. Assessment will focus on the overall effectiveness of the Pathways General Education program as required for SACS-COC accreditation.


    Pathways Assessment Levels

Visual representation of data collection and aggregation in the Pathways program
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The tenets for assessment include the following:

  • Assessment of student learning is based on student work that is required in the course and aligns with the indicators.
  • The assessment process will honor the diversity of disciplinary methodologies.
  • Data will be collected at the assignment level and will be aggregated to measure the effectiveness of the program, not the competency of the individual student or instructor.
  • The assessment process will build on and feed existing best assessment practices on campus.
  • The data gathered for assessment will be used to inform teaching and learning in general education.
  • Faculty members will have appropriate and continuing support to engage in course design, course-embedded assessment, curriculum alignment, and program improvement.
  • As program assessment supports ongoing improvement of the curriculum, the assessment process will also be dynamic and open to ongoing improvement as needed.

Assessment is the process of systematically collecting information about student learning for the purpose of making more transparent what students take away from their course experiences. For Pathways, particularly given its early implementation, assessment provides information for faculty to examine the curriculum and see where areas might be strengthened.

Resources for Pathways Assessment

    Outcomes Rubrics (Draft)

    Learning Outcomes

    Sample Reporting Form - Assessment

    FAQ Pathways Assessment

    Pathways Data Reporting Table


Questions? Contact the Office of Assessment and Evaluation:

André Foisy
Assistant Director
Office of Assessment and Evaluation
Phone: (540) 231-8773​