These foundational modules articulate fundamental elements of the Pathways General Education Curriculum and its principles.


  • Identify the purpose of general education
  • Articulate why and how the Pathways Curriculum was developed
  • Explain the three guiding principles of General Education at Virginia Tech
  • Identify and explore Pathways concepts, student learning outcomes, and structure for students to fulfill General Education requirements
  • Introduce the Pathways Assessment process

Module 1 - Introduction
to Pathways
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Module 4 - Pathways  Structure
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Module 2 - A new approach to
General Education at VT
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Module  5 - Pathways Assessment
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Module 3 -Pathways Concepts and Student Learning Outcomes
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Production: Najla Mouchrek and Jenna Haynes
Supervision: Stephen Biscotte and Kim Filer

Module 5 - Molly Hall, Assessment & Evaluation