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Assessment Modules

These short videos were created to help walk you through the Pathways assessment process step-by-step.  They are meant to replace or supplement the Pathways Assessment PDN (formerly NLI) workshop. Feel free to watch them in order or skip around as needed. If you get stuck, please email Molly Hall.

The first video introduces the Pathways Assessment Modules. 


The following video presents an Overview of Pathways Assessment Web Resources. Follow the link to consult the Pathways Assessment webpage.


The video below will help you go through STEP 1 of the Pathways Assessment process (consult Assessment Step 1).


The following video covers Step 2 (consult the Assessment Steps -- click on Step 2).


Find guidance on how to perform Step 3 in the video below (consult also the Assessment Steps -- click on Step 3).


The next video talks about Step 4 (remember to also access the Assessment Steps -- click on Step 4).


The final video covers Step 5 in the Pathways Assessment process (consult the Assessment Steps -- click on Step 5).