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Pathways Scenarios Videos

Who am I? What do I want to be when I grow up?

Watch the scenario videos below to see how students can use Pathways General Education to explore these questions and complement their degrees.

Pathways Scenarios: Physics

(1:05) In this video, you will hear from a student who uses a Pathways Minor in Science, Technology, and Law to explore beyond her physics major and expand on her interests in issues faced by the sciences. 

Pathways Scenarios: From University Studies to Human Development

(1:11) In this video, you will hear from a student who begins in University Studies and finds his major (Human Development) by exploring courses in Pathways.

Pathways Scenarios: Business

(1:39) In this video, you will hear from a student majoring in Business who discovers the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Minor as a way to complete her Pathways requirements in an engaging way.

Pathways Scenarios: Architecture

(1:02) In this video, you will hear about a student majoring in Architecture who pursues a Pathways Minor in Organizational Leadership to strengthen his entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Pathways scenarios videos are created by students, for students in coordination with the Office of General Education.