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Table of Pathways Course Transfer Recommendations

Table of Transfer Courses Previously Recommended for Pathways Credit
The table below lists the courses that the Office of General Education has previously approved to meet Pathways or CLE requirements. If you are an advisor or college academic dean or staff, you can choose to make these substitutions without contacting the Office of General Education. If you are a student, you can speak to your advisor about how these courses might satisfy your Pathways requirements.

If you are looking for a course that is not on this list, please complete the Pathways/CLE Course Review Request form to request that we review it. Please note: we cannot review AP/IB courses since those courses are reviewed by the Registrar's Office. View the Registrar's Office equivalencies.

Please email Jenni Gallagher with any questions.

Pathways Outcome Recommendation CLE Area Recommendation Institution of Origin Course Identifier and Number Course Title
6d   Bellevue College INDES 140 Introduction to Interior Design
  7 Bergen Community College PHR 121 Religions of the World
6d   Brigham Young University SFL 102 Intro to Interiors
6a   Christopher Newport University THEA 150 Drawing and Drafting for the Stage
2   College of Charleston HIST 115 Death and Remembrance in the Pre-Modern World
4   College of Charleston GEOL 103 Environmental Geology
  3 Cornell University HD 1170 Introduction to Human Development: Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood
  2 Cuyahoga Community College HUM 1010 Introduction to Humanities
  2 Cuyahoga Community College REL 1010 Introduction to Religious Studies
  2 Georgia State Perimeter College RELS 2001 Introduction to World Religions
2   Ghent University A00 1470 Global Ethics
  4 James Madison University GEOL 102 Environment: Earth
  6 Longwood University ENGL 317 Writing Poetry
  6 Longwood University MUSC 222 History of Rock
  5 Marymount University MA 124 History of Mathematics
2   Niagra University HIS 274 American Military History
1f   NMIMS BTCDS 1004 Communication Skills 1
1f   NMIMS BTCDS 2004 Communication Skills 2
2   NMIMS BTCDS 2006 Critical Thinking in the Humanities
4   NMIMS BTCSE(DS) 311 Introduction to Chemistry
6a   Ocean County College ENGL 153 Creative Writing
  1 Ohio State University ENGLISH 2367.01 Literacy, Culture, & Identity in the U.S. Experience
  6 Ohio State University ARTEDUC 1600 Art and Music Since 1945
  6 Radford University THEA 100 Theatre Appreciation
6a   Radford University DNCE 111 Dance Appreciation
  3 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ECON 1200 Introductory Economics
7   Richard Bland College GOVT 201 United States Government and Politics
1f   Richard Bland College ENGL 102 Introduction to Literary Genres
  6 Santa Monica College AHIS 17 Arts of Asia
  2 The Cooper Union HSS2 Texts and Contexts
  2 The Cooper Union HSS4 The Modern Context
  3 The Cooper Union SS 384 Anthropology and the Other
  7 The Cooper Union HSS3 Making of Modern Society
  6 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona ART340 The Seven Wonders of Spain
  2 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona ARCH329 Barcelona City Planning and Architecture
4   University of Connecticut Biology 1108 Principles of Biology II
  5 University of Mary Washington CPSC 110 Introduction to Computer Science
4   University of Maryland College park GEOG 140 Natural Disasters: Earthquakes, Floods and Fires
  2 University of Massachusetts Boston AMST 101 Popular Culture in America
6a   University of New South Wales, Sydney DART 1120 Painting 1: Foundations
6a   University of New South Wales, Sydney DART 1130 Photography 1: Foundations
6a   University of New South Wales, Sydney DDES 1140 Graphics 1: Image and Type
6a   University of New South Wales, Sydney DART 1110 Drawing 1: Foundations
  2 Virginia Community College System PHI 101 Intro to Philosophy
  3 Virginia Community College System REL 100 Introduction to the Study of Religion
  7 Virginia Community College System REL 230 Religions of the World
  2 Virginia Community College System HIS 112 History of World Civilization II
  2 Virginia Community College System ENG 241 Survey of American Literature I
6a 6 Virginia Community College System ART 131 Fundamentals of Design
5f   Virginia Community College System ITE 115 Intro to Computer Applications and Concepts
5f   Virginia Military Institute MA 101 Math That Matters
4   Virginia Wesleyan University BIO 190 Diversity of Life
4   Wingate University CHEM 130 Forensic Science
  2 Xavier University THEO 111 Theological Foundations
  3 Xavier University CORE 100 First Year Seminar: Making Babies