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Pathways Course Showcase

There are over 500 courses to choose from in the Pathways General Education Program. Here is just a small sample of options sorted by topic of interest. In some cases, you can click on the titles to see images from the class, watch video course trailers, or even hear interviews from the faculty themselves.

For a complete list of approved Pathways courses, consult the course guides and for current offerings and descriptions, consult the timetable.

BIT 4604: Data Governance, Privacy, and Ethics

CMDA 2014: Data Matter

CS 2114: Software Design and Data Structures

CS 3114: Data Structures and Algorithms

HIST 2624: Topics in History of Data in Social Context

REAL 2034: Real Estate Data Analysis

SPIA 4464: Data and the Art of Policy-Making and Planning

STAT 1014: Data in Our Lives

Pathways Minor: Data and Decisions

BIOL 2984: Science of COVID-19

CMST 2134: Introduction to Health Communication

GEOG 2074: COVID-19: Global Pandemic, Local Impacts

HIST/SOC/STS 2624: Introduction to Data in Social Context (topics vary by semester)

HIST 3724: History of Disease, Medicine, and Health

HNFE 2664: Behavioral Theory in Health Promotion

PHS 4054: Concepts in One Health

Pathways Minor: Health Communication

Pathways Minor: Ecosystems for Human Well-Being

ART 1114: Play to Make

ART 3114: Creative Coding for Creativity and Innovation

ENGE 2094: CREATE! Ideation for Innovation

ENGE 4104: Applied Explorations in Innovation

MGT 2064: Foundations of Entrepreneurship

MGT 2354: Leadership for Managers and Entrepreneurs

MGT/ENGE/IDS 4094: StartUp: Commercializing Innovation

STS 2254: Innovation in Context

Pathways Minor: Innovation

ALS 4204: Concepts in Community Food Systems

HD 3024: Community Analytics

LAR 3264: People Community and Place

LDRS 1414: Citizen Leadership

LDRS 2014: Principles of Peer Leadership

SOC 2034: Diversity and Community Engagement

SPAN 3564: Community through Service: Latino NRV

SPIA 1024: Community Service Learning

SPIA 2024: Community Systems Thinking

SPIA 4784: Community Systems Capstone

For cross-referencing Pathways Courses and Minors, please consult the working document at Pathways Minors and Courses Crosslist Table. For specific information about offerings, please consult the timetable of classes.

The Pathways Showcase Courses webpages, including some of the content (course trailers, pictures, podcasts, etc.), were developed in partnership with Virginia Tech Computer Science students Erin Gaughan, Jordan White, Mischa Michael, Chris Rocconi, Chris Deisher, and Riley Kohl while working on a senior capstone project.