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ALS 4204: Concepts in Community Food Systems

This course offers an examination of the economic, political, socio-cultural, and health and environmental issues related to community food systems and agricultural practices. Topics include: local, regional, and global food systems development; food production and biotechnology; food sovereignty and security; and population and environmental health. Students will analyze models, strategies, and policies within local, national, and global food systems.

Why take it?

In this course, students will gain awareness of the role diverse perspectives, experiences, and disciplines play across the food system. They will co-construct knowledge and build interpersonal skills that with help them navigate real-world, socio-cultural challenges inherent in the food system (access, equity, security, and sovereignty). Ongoing engagement with community partners and organizations will enable students to transfer and adapt new contexts and tasks into personal, civic, and professional practice.

ALS 4204 fulfills a requirement for the Civic Agriculture and Food Systems Pathways minor and an elective in the Appalachian Cultures and Environments Pathways minor.


Prerequisite: ALS 3404.

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Reasoning in the Social Sciences and Intercultural and Global Awareness.