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ART 1114: Play to Make

Introducing the Materials, Tools, and Processes of Creative Technologies + Experiences

This course explores the use of play for the creation of ideas and artifacts (including, but not restricted to multimedia narratives, learning simulations, immersive/performative experiences, and data exploration). Students will: collaborate with peers and practicing professionals in diverse fields; critically consider creative technologies and their impacts on history, society, cultures, individuals, and communities; and collaborate on the research, design, creation, and exhibition of a transdisciplinary project to identify and address a global challenge.

Why take it?

This course offers transdisciplinary experiences that offer quantifiable real-world impact on students’ educational and research outcomes -- a holistic journey that encompasses many facets of the creative process, from research, critique, ideation and iterative design to art and experience productions. ART 1114 offers a starting point for these discoveries by allowing students to experiment and play in various disciplines. By exploring the ways that faculty and students within these disciplines use the process of play to make, create, design, and perform, students in will learn how to identify intersections between fields, and will appreciate the importance of collaborating across multiple disciplines. These skills are critical for future professionals who will enter the workforce in an increasingly complex society.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Critique and Practice in the Arts and Intercultural and Global Awareness.