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ART 3114: Creative Coding for Creativity and Innovation

This course offers an introduction to computer programming tools within a critical aesthetic context. Students will create and analyze generative and algorithmic artwork, and consider how works derived from logical rulesets, algorithms, and the artful application of randomness can communicate human feelings and ideas. Students will consider the ethics of algorithmic systems in our culture and media, and create art works to address those issues and influence opinion. Software and programming languages might include Processing, Max/MSP, Supercollider, Pure Data, Unity, Unreal Engine, HTML, Javascript, or others.

Why take it?

This course creates a direct tie between engineering and the arts and is designed for a broad base of students from all fields of study. Students will develop the skill to approach problems in a transdisciplinary context, integrating concepts from computer science, art, and their own majors. Students with prior experience in art, computer science, or both, will recontextualize their skills by creating projects that address issues in the shared space between the disciplines.


Prerequisite: Art 1114

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Advanced Quantitative and Computational Thinking and Ethical Reasoning.