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BIT 4604: Data Governance, Privacy, and Ethics

This course offers an examination of data analytics and automated decision-making issues across multiple technology contexts through the lens of the humanities and ethics. Students will discuss privacy, autonomy, data ownership, equality, and accountability, and will explore essential questions of the humanities involving identity and humanness in the era of artificial intelligence, privacy, and ubiquitous data collection.

Why take it?

BIT 4604 emphasizes ethical behavior and decision making in the context of an increasingly data-driven society. Students will develop and refine critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which will benefit them in their personal lives and future careers.

BIT 4604 fulfills an elective in the Data and Decisions and Integrated Security Pathways minors.


Prerequisites: BIT 2405 or CMDA 2014 or CS 1114 or CS 1054 or CS 1064.

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Critical Thinking in the Humanities and Ethical Reasoning.