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CREATE! Ideation for Innovation

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Create! (ENGE 2094) is a single 3 credit course for students interested in exploring the nexus of the arts, engineering, science, business and design. The course consists of activities and discussions that will help guide students in the process of creative inquiry, design, customer discovery, and collaboration to build an understanding of the ties between multiple disciplines. Student collaborations combined with faculty, visiting artists and visiting business professionals will help students explore their own interests as they use ideation and critique strategies to design products and services to meet current and future market needs.


Course Trailer

Student Perceptions


What is your favourite thing about this class?

My favourite thing about the class is the class is actually very small. There’s about 12-15 people in the class, so the class is really interactive. We do discussions online, we read books for the discussions, and we also get to explore problems in our lives that we can potentially solve for ourselves as well as others.

-Yeain, Neuroscience Major


What is your favourite part of this class?

“The interdisciplinary aspect. I get to work with students from all different backgrounds and all different studies, even different colleges. We are working with industrial designers, graphics designers, and as a business student I’m really getting to hone my skills, as well as get real world experience working with other disciplines.”

-Brianna, Marketing and Management (Dual Degree), minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship



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