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FA 2004: Creativity and the Artistic Experience

FA 2004 Creativity and the Artistic Experience will exemplify how the arts intersect with our daily lives. Students will compose and create examples of abstraction and 20th century modernism, trace the global influences and roots of our current culture, describe the science of acoustics and its effect on performing spaces and examine the process of an arts performance. They will apply themes of improvisation, creativity and how we process beauty while exploring emerging brain science as it relates to art.

In class and workshops settings, students will hand drum, draw art that will be musically improvised, and learn theater improv techniques. Discussions will include the unique ways of knowing that is embodied in the arts distinct from scientific measurements. This course is open to all students; no prior knowledge of visual, theatrical or musical arts needed.

Why take it?

The participatory nature of this course will allow students to develop skills in teamwork, observation, spatial-temporal awareness, and multistep problem solving. Throughout the course, students will explore diverse global, historic artistic styles, applying what they learn to the development and exploration of their own creative processes.

This course fulfills an elective in the Organizational Leadership Pathways minor.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

This course fulfills requirements in Critique and Practice in the ArtsĀ and Intercultural and Global Awareness.

"The new Creativity and Artistic Experiences course will provide students the extraordinary opportunity to go beyond the role of each individual department and experience events and activities that connect artistry to every discipline across the Virginia Tech campus. By making art, students will connect deeply to all aspects of creativity."
- Olivia Jones, MFA student in Artistic Leadership

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