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DANC/HNFE 2104: Moving Body, Moving Mind

This course introduces methods of working intentionally towards cultivating optimal brain states. Students will explore mind/body practices to develop connections between contemporary consciousness, movement, and thought, including yoga, meditation, authentic movement, experiential anatomy, and somatic work. The course emphasizes holistic perspectives of the body through active listening, ethical reasoning, a healthy self-image, and practices of intentional embodiment.

Why take it?

This course will provide students from a wide variety of disciplines to study the material of their field from a different perspective, integrating their studies with a holistic sense of embodied practice and knowledge. In this class, athletes and students from the fields of medicine, nutrition and food science, mindfulness, and the performing arts can benefit from an integrated study of the human body. Students will directly connect with their physicality, their presence in space, and one another in a communal experience of movement and embodied learning.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Critique and Practice in the Arts and Ethical Reasoning.