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ECON 3034: Economics of Poverty and Discrimination

This course provides a wide-ranging discussion of aspects of social policies related to economic disadvantage, including welfare programs, education, labor markets, discrimination, and others. Students will: explore issues related to poverty, inequality, and discrimination; analyze data on poverty and inequalities across different groups at the local, regional, national, and international levels; examine social equity and diversity in the United States; explain sources of social disparities from both theoretical and empirical perspectives; identify ethical human behavior and ethical issues related to poverty, discrimination, and social disparity; and assess existing social policies to create effective policy recommendations.

Why take it?

Poverty and discrimination are two of the most important social issues of our day, and this course allows students to examine these issues in depth, while also identifying how they intersect. This course will serve students of all majors. Regardless of their field of study or their eventual employment, students will benefit from understanding the issues of poverty and discrimination, including causes and possible solutions.

ECON 3034 is a foundational course for the Global Business Practices to Improve the Social Condition Pathways minor and an elective in the Housing and Society Pathways minor.


Prerequisite: ECON 2005

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Reasoning in the Social Sciences, Critical Analysis of Identity and Equity in the United States, and Ethical Reasoning.