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ENGE 4104: Applied Explorations in Innovation

Students in this course work in interdisciplinary teams to scope and plan an open-ended design project focused on technology commercialization that addresses a need or problem. Students will model systems and products computationally and quantitatively to address issues of technical and market feasibility and to predict performance under uncertain conditions. They will engage in an iterative design process that combines computational and quantitative processes with user-centered design and market analysis, and will produce a viable design that includes technical specifications, market evaluation, and customer discovery results.

Why take it?

This course provides an interdisciplinary opportunity for students to integrate expertise across fields. It requires students to meet professional expectations of teamwork, communication, and project management, thus preparing them to work in cross-functional corporate, non-profit, and government environments.


Prerequisites: STS 2254, ENGE 2094, (MGT 4094 or ENGE 4094 or IDS 4094), and 3 credits of foundational quantitative and computational thinking.

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Advanced Quantitative and Computational Thinking, Critique and Practice in Design, Ethical Reasoning, and Intercultural and Global Awareness.