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ENT 2804: Bees: Biology, Diversity, and Sustainability

This course provides a foundational introduction to bees, including a study of the behavior, communication, and social organization of honey bees. Students will also learn about the diversity and use of alternative (non-honey bee) pollinators, use scientific inquiry in ecosystem services management, and discuss current global challenges to and sustainable solutions for pollination in the modern-day agricultural landscape.

Why take it?

Through an in-depth exploration of bees, students will experience one of the weirdest and most wonderful groups of animals. Most importantly, this course will introduce them to the critical role that bees play to our global food supply. Bees are some of the most economically impactful organisms to modern agriculture. However, man-made changes to the landscape have impacted their abundance, diversity, and health. This course offers not only an in-depth examination of honey bee biology and organization, but it will also include information about other pollinating insects and the relationship between modern-day agriculture and bees.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Reasoning in the Natural Sciences and Intercultural and Global Awareness.