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GEOG 3274: Polar Environments

This course provides an introduction to polar regions, emphasizing interdisciplinary concepts, a systems approach, and communication of polar science to non-scientific audiences. Students will: develop and defend arguments on the global significance and geopolitics of polar regions; explore feedbacks among biophysical and human processes and resources; foster an understanding of indigenous worldviews through the use of native narratives; learn effective strategies to deliver compelling oral presentations; and practice defending arguments in writing and group debates on topics such as multiculturalism, human-environmental interactions, and climate change impacts on polar regions.

Why take it?

GEOG 3274 will benefit students from a variety of fields and disciplines, as they will be provided numerous opportunities to think critically, reflect upon multiple perspectives, and problem solve. Through engagement with the course content, students will appreciate how physical and cultural change in polar regions relates to variation in the human experience, and to them, personally. Course assignments are designed to develop students’ persuasive written and oral communication skills, which will be applicable to their future personal and professional lives.

This course fulfills an elective in the Climate and Society Pathways minor.


Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Advanced Discourse and Intercultural and Global Awareness.