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LDRS 2014: Principles of Peer Leadership

LDRS 2014 introduces students to the theories and basic principles associated with being a positive influence on their fellow students. They will identify issues relevant to college students and develop the skills needed to problem-solve, maintain community, navigate conflict, and motivate and lead their peers. Emphasis is placed on development of leadership skills, ethical decision making, and the process to implement positive change within the campus community.

Why take it?

In this course, students will acquire the skills and traits of effective leaders, such as communication, problem solving, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, community development, and team effectiveness. These skills will prepare students to successfully lead, serve, and mentor others throughout lives, not just in the classroom but also in their personal lives and future careers. Throughout the course, students develop these skills through supervision while serving in a leadership role on campus, providing opportunity to connect abstract leadership concepts to real-world situations.

LDRS 2014 fulfills an elective in the Leadership and Social Change Pathways minor.


Students must be engaged in a peer leadership role while taking the course. This is defined broadly. In the past students enrolled in LDRS 2014 have worked on/off campus, served as academic assistants, peer mentors, resident assistants, and been involved in student organizations.

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Reasoning in the Social Sciences and Intercultural and Global Awareness.

“LDRS 2014 has completely changed the way that I viewed leadership. By taking this class, I have implemented the principles of leadership into my lifestyle rather than as a temporary tool. LDRS 2014 helped me find ways to manage my anxiety and educated me on how to have crucial conversations about tough topics. Even after taking the class, I still find myself using the skills I learned in my day-to-day life. I would recommend this class to any student without hesitation.”
– LDRS 2014 student