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MGT 2064: Foundations of Entrepreneurship

This course provides an introduction to the study and practice of entrepreneurship in a human-centered context. Students will examine the influence of different cultures, institutions, and global factors and the role of human values, beliefs, and behaviors on modes of entrepreneurial action. They will also apply theories and methods of entrepreneurial identification within the contexts of human behavior, social institutions, and/or patterns of culture to generate ideas for new ventures and application of design-thinking theories and concepts in a field-based, experiential learning project to design, iterate, and validate a value proposition and business model for a new venture.

Why take it?

This course applies rich context from the social sciences and in design to equip students to discover and explore potential new venture opportunities from a societal and human-centered perspective rather than just a traditional economic or financial perspective. This reflects the increasing expectation that the new venture opportunity discovery process investigates and considers societal impact. This course increases the cross-disciplinary opportunities for business and non-business students to engage in a PCOB experiential entrepreneurial learning experience.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Reasoning in the Social Sciences, Critique and Practice in Design, and Intercultural and Global Awareness.