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MINE 2114: Energy and Raw Materials: Geopolitics and Sustainable Development

This course introduces students to the key trends, concepts, and drivers related to the development of energy resources and raw materials. Students will explore the disparities that exist – regionally, nationally, and globally – between the regions that produce energy resources and raw materials and the regions that consume them and the implications for future development. Students will consider the relationship between current engineering practices used to develop and use energy resources, economic incentives, policy, and innovative/interruptive technology development. The course addresses issues of broad impact, including global climate change and sustainable development. Additionally, students will participate in experiential learning through a group project that directly partners students with external stakeholders (industry, government, community, political, NGOs).

Why take it?

The responsible development of energy resources and raw materials is relevant to all students in supporting diverse lifestyles locally, nationally, and globally. This course will be especially appealing to students interested in the Intelligent Infrastructure for Human-Centered Communities destination area.  

MINE 2114 fulfills an elective in the Appalachian Cultures and Environments Pathways minor.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Reasoning in the Natural Sciences and Intercultural and Global Awareness.