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Motivating Yourself and Others

What motivates people? How can you use the answer to this question to motivate yourself and others?

The goal of EDEP 2444: Motivating Yourself and Others is to help you answer these questions. Being aware of the factors that motivate people can help you adjust your own behavior to perform more effectively, both as a university student and in your life after you graduate from college. In addition, understanding motivational factors can help you to interact more effectively with individuals in different cultural contexts and from different backgrounds.


Motivation Is


What did students have to say about this class in their course evaluations?

"Dr. Jones cares about his students, and it is clear to see that in the way he communicates with us and gives us feedback. This kept me engaged with the class and excited to learn the material."

"It was a great course! I'm really glad I took it!!"

"I believe the motivation investigations were the most helpful as they related to my future goals and how I plan on being a leader."

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In this course, you will use your knowledge of motivation to design activities (such as meetings, classes, programs, events) that motivate others effectively. In this course, you will learn about how researchers in education, psychology, and neuroscience study motivation and what they have learned from their research. This course can be useful to students in any major, especially those interested education, psychology, neuroscience, leadership, and business. 

Students in all majors will learn concepts that are useful in their own lives and in motivating others, such as co-workers and children.

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Offered as a face-to-face class in the fall, students can also choose to take the course online during winter or summer sessions.

How did students feel about taking the course online? 

"Despite the class being online, Professor Jones provided a highly personal learning experience. The videos he created were helpful and made me feel like I was taking notes in a classroom."

This course fulfills requirements for Reasoning in the Social Sciences and Intercultural and Global Awareness.

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