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PSYC 3024: Human Behaviors and Natural Environments

This course surveys the effects of natural and human-made environments on health and well-being. Students will: analyze historical changes in human-environment relations; utilize psychological research methods to investigate the possible impacts of urbanization on human health and well-being; discuss the impacts of culture, region, and socioeconomics on how we utilize our environments; and conduct research pertaining to our relationship with nature, use of natural resources, and strategies to encourage behaviors promoting environmental sustainability.

Why take it?

This course is relevant to any students interested in humanity’s changing relationship with the natural environment. It covers how we use and sustain (or fail to sustain) the earth’s natural resources, and how we impact the natural environment as well as other people through our personal decisions and habits. This course is appropriate for students from all majors, but will be especially relevant for those majoring in fields related to the social sciences, government and policy, urban affairs and planning, and conservation.

PSYC 3024 fulfills an elective in the Adaptive Brain and Behavior and Ecosystems for Human Well-Being Pathways minors.


Prerequisite: PSYC 1004.

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Reasoning in the Social Sciences, Critical Analysis of Identity and Equity in the Unites States, and Intercultural and Global Awareness.