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REAL 2034: Real Estate Data Analysis

This course provides an overview of statistical analysis for use in the real estate market, introducing students to the statistical tools and skills needed to draw conclusions from the data. Students will explore topics such as understanding data, coding and preparing the data, probability and inference, and special topics in inference including insights to inform ethical management and investment decisions.

Why take it?

As an introductory course to the analysis of real estate data, REAL 2034 uses real estate data and statistical tools to introduce the analysis of real estate markets in support of management and investment decisions. The course is intended to prepare students for upper level real estate courses such as REAL 3024: Applied Real Estate Development and REAL 3044: Financing Real Estate Projects.

REAL 2034 fulfills an elective in the Housing and Society Pathways minor.


Prerequisites: REAL 2004 or UAP 2004.

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Foundational Quantitative and Computational Thinking and Ethical Reasoning.