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GEOG 1115-1116: Seeking Sustainability

Seeking Sustainability I and II is a two-part class dedicated to learning about sustaining the world’s interconnected environmental, social, and economic systems. The first semester will have a focus on critically and constructively examining “sustainability.” The course seeks to broaden our conceptualizations on what sustainability is, and what it could be, within the context of the most relevant issues facing humanity today. The relevance of language, food, energy, family, business, biodiversity and design to sustainability will be discussed to provide a multifaceted understanding of sustainability and how to be sustainable.

Seeking Sustainability fulfills a requirement in the Pathways to Sustainability Pathways minor and an elective in the Appalachian Cultures and Environments, Blue Planet, and Organizational Leadership Pathways minors.

What made you decide to take Seeking Sustainability over another in the category?
“I chose this course over another one in the same category because I really like the professor, he’s really personable and teaches a completely different point of view on sustainability compared to the typical ones”
- Amanda Roberts, Environmental Informatics

What is your favourite aspect of this class and why?
“My favourite aspect of this class is that its a very open learning environment and everyone gets to put in their opinion, so you’re not just hearing what the teacher has to say but what everyone thinks”
- Rachel Leonardo, Architecture

Why would you tell someone to take this class?
“The reason I would tell you take this class is it lets you talk about more than sustainability, it lets you develop as a person. [You] talk about the thoughts you have in your head, and you can learn about other people. It’s eye-opening, [and] gives you new perspective on a lot of things.”
- Min Kim, Undeclared

Video and Podcast Gallery

The above video was created by Alice Rogers, for the Active Learning Curation Program. Watch the whole video series on Seeking Sustainability