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SOC 2004: Social Problems

This course examines the nature, extent, and causes of social problems in the United States and around the globe, analyzing them from multiple perspectives. Students will explore the role of social structural forces, including conflicting economic, racial, ethnic, national, and gender interests in the creation and perpetuation of social problems. Topics will include discussions of poverty, work, healthcare, drugs, terrorism, human rights, and social change.

Why take it?

This course provides students with knowledge of sociological concepts, perspectives, and methods of research that will help develop their skills in critical thinking and inquiry about social life. This knowledge will also position students to better understand current societal problems, and how they can contribute to solutions in their future careers.

SOC 2004 fulfills an elective in the Housing and Society andĀ Peace Studies and Social Justice Pathways minors.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

This course fulfills Pathways requirements in Reasoning in the Social Sciences, Critical Analysis of Identity and Equity in the United States, and Intercultural and Global Awareness.