Pathways to Sustainability

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Pathways to Sustainability Minor  

Set in a student-centered learning community, the Pathways to Sustainability minor begins with an introductory two-course series focused on systems thinking across natural, social, and economic contexts. This is followed by elective courses in the domains of humanities, environmental science, and art and design, in addition to an integrative capstone course.

Why do it?

Students need an expansive, multi-college conceptualization of sustainability and complementary set of tools and strategies to empower them to lead in a diverse, interconnected and dynamic world. This minor integrates perspectives and tools from natural and social sciences with those from art, design, and humanities.




The 18-credit hour minor in Pathways to Sustainability includes 9 hours of required courses and 9 hours of elective Pathways courses selected from a list.

GEOG/NR 1115: Seeking Sustainability I
GEOG/NR 1116: Seeking Sustainability II
GEOG/NR 4444: Practicing Sustainability*

*prerequisite: GEOG/NR 1116



Students select 9 credit hours of elective Pathways courses in three categories (humanities, environment, and art & design).  For a complete list of elective courses, consult the checksheet.

Who is it for?

The primary audience for this minor includes STEM and professional majors. However, majors outside STEM fields will also benefit from the broad interdisciplinarity of this minor.