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Professional Development

Faculty at the Summer Institute

With oversight by UCCGE and the Office of General Education, supported by the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs and the Provost, participation in general education offers opportunities to maximize faculty support and development and reward the efforts of students and faculty.

Faculty development

Support for instructors and advisors is available at every stage in the process. The professional development needs for a successful program range from workshops to multi-day institutes to training for review committees to advisor information sessions. The Office of General Education (OGE) offers support for a variety of needs: providing clear communication about the program, connecting faculty with resources, and guiding entry and participation in the program. The OGE will continue to work with Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, TLOS, Advising, Assessment and Evaluation, and other units to offer professional development throughout the academic year and summers.

Those developing and implementing the Pathways curriculum must not only be informed about inclusive pedagogies that foster deep learning in all students, but also recognize the diversity of our undergraduate population. In addition, faculty must integrate ethical reasoning and/or intercultural and global awareness into each course and across each minor. And faculty must effectively assess the level of student performance for each indicator to lay the foundation for continuous improvement of the program. All full-time faculty, part-time faculty, adjunct faculty, graduate students and other course instructors are welcome to participate in all professional development opportunities.

Resources including online modules, workshops, institutes, and one-on-one support will be made available so that faculty are supported in their efforts to provide rich learning experiences for all students.