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Support for Transitioning

Requests for Support for Transitioning from CLE to Pathways


The switch from CLE to Pathways will involve transitional work at the level of departments and colleges. This work includes the preparation and submission of course and minors proposals for Pathways, the review of these proposals, and the revision of checksheets for majors. This work will be supported through workshops, but for some units, may require additional funding to support the bulk of work required of faculty and staff during the transition.  The Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs is entertaining requests for one-time funds needed to support these activities. This funding is not intended to support instruction: for this, please see the RFP for Pathways Development and Delivery grants.


Requests for funding must be:

  • from an academic department or college
  • endorsed by the dean of the college
  • for a period of two-years or less (any new staffing must be restricted, not regular)
  • justified by a workload that exceeds capacity and expectations of committees and personnel responsible for curricular matters



Requests will be considered on an as-needed, rolling basis. There is no specific deadline.


Submit requests (including signatures) as a single PDF file to Rachel Holloway, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs.