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Pathways Assessment Grants

Participation in Pathways assessment is expected of all Pathways instructors. Pathways assessment data are used to inform and improve the Pathways curriculum to enhance student learning at Virginia Tech.

Through participation in Part I of the Pathways Assessment Grant Program, instructors will receive guidance and small monetary support to help align their course(s) with Pathways concepts, student learning outcomes, and the assessment process, as well as share their work with the Pathways community via the Pathways Assessment Collaboratory.

For any individual who completes Part I of the Pathways Assessment Grant Program, Part II will be available the following semester. In Part II, instructors will focus on reviewing their prior term’s data, making improvements to their course(s), and sharing their work with the Pathways community.

All Pathways instructors are invited to participate in Part III: an asynchronous Canvas "event" to review the Pathways curriculum and processes (e.g., prior program-level assessment data, student learning outcomes, assessment rubrics) and make recommendations for program and process improvement. 

Part Timeline Commitments/Outputs $$$/PDN
Part I

Lasts one semester

Offered only each Fall

- Complete Pathways assessment process (Steps 1-4)
- Produce and share Pathways concept-aligned assignment(s) for the Pathways Assessment Collaboratory
- Submit data at end of semester
$100 AND 3 PDN Credits
Part II

Lasts one semester

Offered each semester

- Share revised Pathways Assessment Collaboratory assignment submitted in Part I OR if no revision necessary, a different concept-aligned assignment to expand the Collaboratory
- Share written or video reflection related to Pathways data-informed course improvement
$100 AND 3 PDN Credits
Part III

Asynchronous Canvas event (~3 hours)

Offered only each spring

- Participate in a ~3-hour asynchronous Canvas event to provide feedback on the Pathways curriculum and assessment process to help inform program revisions $200 AND 3 PDN Credits
Total 2 academic semesters plus asynchronous Canvas course Share Pathways assignments, review program data, and reflect on course improvement $400 AND 9 PDN Credits AND Certificate of Completion

Deadlines for Submission
Part I for Spring 2023: N/A (Part I only offered in fall semester. Deadline for Fall 2023 will be Sep 1.)
Part II for Spring 2023: Mar 1, 2023
Part III for Spring 2023: Mar 1, 2023

  1. To support instructors in creating well-aligned activities, assignments, and assessments for their Pathways courses.
  2. To support instructors in collecting meaningful assessment data to inform evaluation of the Pathways program.
  3. To provide a venue for sharing well-aligned assignments with the Pathways community.
  4. To guide instructors in analyzing and acting on the data to continuously improve teaching and learning in their Pathways courses and across the Pathways program.

To complete the application, you will need information about your course or courses (name, sections, estimated enrollment) and departmental financial information regarding who will handle the transfer and where the money will be transferred. Inform them that the funding will be transferred from us to them as operating funds to be payed to you soon after.

If you are an instructor of a coordinated multi-section course (e.g. ENGL 1105/1106), please consult with your course coordinator before applying.

Spring 2023 Grant Options

Part II: Apply by March 1, 2023. Please note, you can only apply for Part II if you have previously participated in Part I.

Part III: Enroll by March 1, 2023.

Priority will be given to instructors most in need of support in participating in the assessment process, most involved in delivering Pathways instruction (# of sections and # of students), or new to the Pathways Assessment Grant Program. All Pathways instructors are eligible, including adjunct instructors and graduate students. 

For Part I, course coordinators of multi-section courses planning to use consistent assessment measures are encouraged to submit one proposal on behalf of their team (who will still all participate and receive stipends). For Part II, only the course coordinator or lead from Part I is eligible to participate and receive a stipend.

Part I participation is limited to 40 participants, there is no limit to participation for Part II, and Part III is limited to 100.

Part I: Awardees must participate in the following:

  • Thoroughly review the first four steps of the Pathways Assessment process
    • Optional: Planning workshop offered by Molly Hall
    • Optional: Planning workshop to complete Pathways-aligned course design with CETL
  • Submit a draft Pathways Assessment Reporting Form (Excel or Word) with the first four columns completed (i.e., “Was this student learning outcome measured in your course?” through “Assessment Criteria”) for feedback. The Fall deadline is Oct 1, Spring deadline is Mar 1. Following feedback, some may be asked to submit a revised plan a month later.
  • Guided by the feedback, collect Pathways assessment data and report the data. The deadline each Fall is Jan 31. The deadline each Spring is May 31 (a hard deadline due to fiscal year spending restraints).
  • Contribute content to the Pathways Assessment Collaboratory Canvas Page. Deadline for Fall is Jan 31, Spring is by Apr 1:
    • Grantees create a max 3-min video that walks others through their Pathways assignment(s)
    • Plus include supplementary documents (assignment instructions, samples of student work, etc.)

Part II:

  • Participants in Part II will submit a reflection essay or video recounting what changes they have made to their instruction/course following a review of their own Pathways assessment course data.
  • Submit a revision of the Pathways Assessment Collaboratory assignment submitted in Part I or, if no revision necessary, a different concept-aligned assignment.
  • Deadlines for both artifacts are as follows: by Jan 31 each Fall, by Apr 1 each Spring (due to hard fiscal deadlines in Spring).

Part III:

  • Participants in Part III will asynchronously review the Pathways curriculum and processes (e.g., prior program-level assessment data, student learning outcomes, assessment rubrics) and make recommendations for program and process improvement. 

Participants who complete all components of Parts I or II of the program will receive 3 PDN computer refresh credits AND a $100 stipend.

Participants who participate in Part III will receive $200 and 3 PDN credits.

Participants who complete all components of all parts of the program will receive a total of 9 PDN computer refresh credits, $400, and a certificate of completion.

Please email Jenni Gallagher with any questions.