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Pathways to General Education

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The Office of General Education will continue to operate remotely as we enter Fall 2020. Please email Stephen Biscotte, Director of General Education, for assistance. 

For the latest university information, please visit the official VT Ready page.
For support in moving instruction online, please visit the TLOS Continuity page.
For support with virtual advising, please visit the VT Advising page.
For Pathways-specific (or FYE-specific) questions, please contact Stephen Biscotte by email or call 231-3580 and leave a message.
Note on Pathways Assessment for Fall 2020: The university has decided to suspend the collection of Pathways assessment data for the Fall 2020 semester. Collection of this information for all courses will begin again in Spring 2021. If anyone is already planning to collect assessment data, they are encouraged to submit this information to the Institutional Effectiveness unit. See the Pathways Assessment page for more information.

Pathways General Education

Undergraduate students at Virginia Tech deserve a vibrant, flexible, and meaningful general education program, one that helps them to integrate their learning for use throughout their lifetimes. Welcome to Pathways: General Education at Virginia Tech.

To learn more about Pathways General Education, watch the video below for a student-led, student-produced overview of how it works!