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Pathways Minors are thematic, cross-disciplinary programs that allow students to examine important topics from a variety of perspectives while completing general education requirements along the way.  

To date, over 200 students have graduated with these Pathways Minors and over 750 students are currently enrolled in these programs. You can explore up-to-date enrollment and completion data here (NOTE: data accessible M-F, 8am-6pm only).

You can learn more about each of the 24 Pathways Minors by following the links below.

Community Systems and Engagement

“Pathways minors are a step away from our disciplinary obsessions,” noted Associate Professor Timothy Baird of the Department of Geography, who leads the pathways to sustainability minor. “One of our goals is to encourage students to learn to deal with subjectivity, which is less about the right answer to a problem and more about what approaches and perspectives are required to tackle a specific challenge.”

Pathways minors allow students to fulfill general education requirements in at least three core Pathways concepts and both integrative concepts. This Pathways minors/concepts table indicates which core concepts can be met within each minor, either through required or elective courses.

Pathways Minors Overview

About Pathways Minors

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For cross-referencing Pathways Courses and Minors, please consult the working document at Pathways Minors and Courses Crosslist Table. For specific information about offerings, please consult the timetable of classes.