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Pathways Course Review Request For Substitutions

If you are a student, advisor, or college rep looking to have a course reviewed for Pathways credit substitution, follow the process outlined below. Students must have advisor support and acknowledgment before proceeding with this process AND students must have completed the course at the time of the request.

NOTE: You will need the course syllabus and a written justification for how the course meets the desired concept to complete the request. AP/IB courses CANNOT be reviewed using this process, talk to your advisor.

Please email Jenni Gallagher with any questions.

  • Non-equivalent transfer courses (e.g. VT 1xxx or HIST 2xxx)
  • Equivalent transfer courses
  • VT courses not approved as Pathways
  • VT courses approved for a different Pathways concept than desired
  • Courses taken abroad
  • Non-VT courses to-be-taken abroad (VT study abroad courses that are not already approved for Pathways can only be reviewed after the course has been completed)
  • AP/IB Courses taken in high school
  • Prior military, work, or life experience (that has not been awarded course credit)
  • Courses that have not been awarded college course credit
  • Courses that have not been completed yet (with the exception of non-VT study abroad courses)
  • Graduate level courses (5000+ level)
  • Substituting two courses already approved for the same Pathways concept to meet a major requirement. For example, if there is a desire to substitute COMM 1015 for ENGL 1105, these are both already approved for Foundational Discourse (1f) so no Office of Gen Ed review is needed. Instead follow your college academic dean's normal processing procedure for course substitutions.
  • Students matriculating to Virginia Tech with a transferable Associate's Degree from the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) do not need to complete this form. For more information on which VCCS Associate's Degrees fulfill general education requirements, visit the Registrar's Office transfer web page.

Once received, the appeal will be reviewed by two Gen Ed personnel, who will then make a substitution recommendation to the college within approximately two weeks.

This form can be submitted by students (with prior approval from their advisor), advisors, or college academic deans and staff. Process will vary by college.

To complete this request, you will need 1) advisor and college approval, 2) general information and a syllabus from the completed course and 3) a written justification (see example and instructions) for how the Pathways learning outcomes for the desired Pathways concept were met (except for non-VT study abroad pre-approvals, for which a justification is not required).

Please email Jenni Gallagher with any questions.

NEW: If you are seeking pre-approval for non-VT study abroad courses and would like some guidance on which courses in your desired program are most likely to be approved, please schedule a consultation with Jenni Gallagher.